Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In The Beginning. . .

In the beginning. . . I started out really small. About 7 lbs 6 oz or something like that. And I was very cute! Really! I've seen the pictures! And I have not always been blonde with green eyes! I had dark brown (almost black) hair and blue eyes. Shocking - isn't it?! My Grandpa called me "Baby Blue Eyes". Well, my mom said that by the time I turned one all that beautiful black hair had turned to blonde and it hasn't changed much since! (And everyone thought I bleached it!)

Our little family (or big - according to some people) starts out with the oldest and ends with our caboose - with three in the middle. Never thought I'd have so many kids! Plus five is such an uneven number! I've always liked even numbers but I'm not going to have another kid just to even it up! We are definitely through dispite what some people (Kari) say!

Anyway, this blog is mainly for journal purposes and to let family and friends know what we've been up to. Which is quite a lot for a family of seven! So here's an short update on the last week or so.

We took a mini-trip to Bear Lake last week. Stayed at the Worldmark condo that we always do. We actually got a two-bedroom this time. It was very roomy! Kari and Tif (my friend and her daughter) came with us and of course, as always, we had a blast! We spent all day Thursday on the beach soaking up the sun. Which is one of my favorite things to do! Everyone got a bit red except for me. I think I faded! And I didn't even put sunblock on!

John John, 4 (the monster child) was hilarious. Midday he comes up to me and says "I need to go potty. I need to pee in the bushes." Well, since there were no bushes and the bathrooms were a drive away, we told him to go out in the lake and do it. So, he goes out about ten feet (ankle deep) and pulls down his swimtrunks and bares all! We just about died from laughing! The beach was somewhat busy but I don't think anyone noticed him at all! Ricky took a picture for posterity. I hope he won't be too mad at us when we put it on display at his wedding!

Brandon, 15 going on 30, is up staying with dad's uncle to work on the milk truck. He took a break and came up to Bear Lake with us but wanted to go right back to truckin'.

James, 12, Ashley, 9, and Aubrey, 7, have had a ball going to Kid's Club all summer. They have field trips every Wednesday, which they really enjoy going on. Poor John feels a bit left out. He won't be able to go for another 2 years!

Well, that's it for now! I have a million more things to say but I'm going to be in trouble cuz I've stayed up late, once again!


Kristy said...

Finally a family member that has a blog!!! I have had one since last November and I love it. I actually have 2 my blog and a cooking blog. Our blog is fuji06.blogspot.com... the cooking one has a link on my side bar.

Great blog!

Krista said...

Welcome to the cyber world, where you can pretend that you are writing to an unknown number of fans! Ha! I'm definitely a fan of yours, Lady Di! Can't wait to catch up when we get back!

cjnzgirl said...

Hey Di,

I have had a blog for about a year now. I stopped for a few months to re-design and re-name. Check it out@ keepin-up-with-the-jones-fam.blogspot.com I am excited that now I can see what my cute nieces and nephews are doing!
Love ya, Chany