Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chaos - My first name

Did I mention that Chaos was my first name? Seriously! I bring it on myself! Let’s take on the subject of soccer. How many other moms would put themselves (and their Dear Husbands) through the torture of five children in soccer? Not too many, just the insane ones. I don’t know what our Saturdays are going to be like in the next couple months but needless to say, they will be BUSY! I’ve only been contacted by four of the coaches so far. I’m afraid to look at the schedules because I may have a mild breakdown. . . (I love soccer, I love soccer, I love soccer!)
Each year my DH asks, “Why, why, why?” Then the children say “I hadn’t decided if I was going to play again!” (Even though when I signed them up they said that they wanted to.) I just reply, “It’s good for you! It’s all about learning how to be a team player and getting some exercise - all in one!” Such positive statements from someone who has subjected themselves to multiple weekly practices (in many different places) and a whole lot of Saturdays of juggling schedules.
Oh – and don’t get me started on how butt-freezing cold it is at some of these games! Especially the ones at 9am. I don’t like those! Remember now – I’m the one who likes to bake in the sun! I’d rather sit in a sweaty camp chair, with no umbrella, as the temperature reaches the high 90’s than try to wrap myself up in blankets, as the sleet pelts my face and makes it so I can’t tell which kid is mine! Bringing hot chocolate is only a mild consolation. It doesn’t last near as long as the game does. (I swear sometimes they add minutes to the stop watch!) There have been a few games where I’ve considered pouring the hot chocolate over me just to get warm! But then logic seeps in and I realize that I would only get colder once the liquid freezes on me. So instead I stealthily sneak from my chair to “get something from the car”. I’m sure no one suspects any different. Right?
Still, I love to see them run, kick, dribble, pass and score! Despite the searching for soccer gear, running to the game before it actually starts, taking two different vehicles, begging the coach to pick up one of the kids, and providing snacks for a heck of a lot of players! Less than a week left till the fun starts!

Bring it on! Let the games begin!


Kristy said...

Chaos....it must be a family name!! We have 2 playing football this year and all the games are way south and west. I feel your pain.

Kari said...

Just keep in mind you are the one who may end up kicking and dribbling down the front of your chin as they drag you away in that wonderful white jacket. "And their coming to take me away, haha hoho heehee..." Actually a nice quiet padded room doesn't sound too bad!