Saturday, August 16, 2008

Show Time!

Drama Queens and Kings. I think the kids have actually inherited something good from me. They are natural born actors. I remember in seventh grade parent teacher conferences, my art teacher was telling my mom my grade. It wasn’t the A that I thought I had and I gasped in horror! He then commented that I was very dramatic and thus my love for the theater began!
The kids, minus Brandon because he was gone, put on a show for us. The tickets were very expensive - $100 each! Luckily ours were complimentary!

Here’s the playbill:
How did this start? A few weeks ago we were at Wally World (I was there with all FIVE kids! Can you say MISTAKE?) and Brandon wanted me to buy a video. I said no and no again and no again! “But mom! It’s only five bucks!” I said no and my word is final! Yeah right! I got up to the check-out lane and there it was - hiding under a head of lettuce! A video of old-time cartoons – Popeye, Tom and Jerry, Betty Boop, and many others. I gave in. The kids absolutely love it! In fact they’ve watched it so many times they have them all memorized! And so, the rehearsals began!

A riveting performance of “Ancient Fistory”

The “Bull” pushing Popeye through the “house"

A Happy Ending

Intermission (Dinner break)

The group performing “Popeye as Aladdin”. (My personal favorite!)

In the “Cave of Wonders”

Princess Olive lounging at the castle

Bluto has the lamp!

“Salami, salami, saloon”

What a wonderful performance!!!

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cjnzgirl said...

Oh my gosh that is sooo funny!Those kids crack me up! Trust me I know what you mean. I would send Georgia to Hollywood if I wasn't so positive they would ruin her. By the way the baby is fine. I am having heart roubles again though. I am hoping to come out for Dads shindig. We will see:)When I get my scanner working I will post my first pic of the baby!